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The importance of governance

Having proper governance structures in place will be essential for the long-term success of any cryptocurrency project. Token holders need more than just holding tokens with a promise, tokens must be useful and valuable not just because of speculation. Giving token holders a way to contribute to the direction of the ecosystem and the choices made within the project empowers users and adds value to your token.

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"Giving token holders a way to contribute to the direction of the ecosystem and the choices made within the project empowers users and adds value to your token."

Integrate governance into your token ecosystem

Governance is hugely valuable once integrated into a project, for users and operators alike.

Help your network to thrive by empowering your users and encouraging them to become an active part of future growth and development.

SecureVote is able to interface easily with any ERC20 token or custom blockchain, operating in concert with any chain and in multi-chain environments with ease.

Remove the overhead and hassle of in house development. Focus your efforts on the work your team is best suited to tackle and let SecureVote make governance easy.

SecureVote can handle sophisticated governance structures and we will work with you custom design a governance model that works for your ecosystem's needs.

Build confidence in your token sale

Show supporters you mean business. Back your project with a SecureVote governance system and provide assurance to your community.

By making your users part of the process, a decentralized governance system helps to mitigate security classification risk and reduces the likelihood of being classified as a security under the howey test.

We understand that every token ecosystem is unique. SecureVote is highly flexible and can handle sophisticated, arbitrary governance models. If you can imagine it, SecureVote can handle it. Our architecture also makes upgrading your system after deployment easy, as your ecosystem adapts and grows into the future.

Case study: Swarm Fund

After a successful ICO, Swarm, a cooperative ownership fund for investment assets, engaged SecureVote in order to create a custom governance solution for their platform. We worked closely with Swarm to design and build a decentralized governance for their organisation, as well as project level governance for investment syndicates on their platform.

“From the onset, we saw decentralized governance to be a crucial element to Swarm Fund’s investment platform, and we knew that building the system we envisioned would not be trivial. With the SecureVote governance framework we found a powerful technology basis and an outstanding team, that was able to build the customized solution we had in mind for the Swarm ecosystem.”
Philipp Pieper - Swarm Fund

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