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SecureVote — the world's premier distributed voting software.


SecureVote has already proven it can handle more than 1 million votes per minute on the live Bitcoin blockchain. With performance that's limited only by the power of the auditing machines, SecureVote stands head and shoulders above the competition, ensuring that elections of any size are conducted smoothly.

Secret Ballot

SecureVote uses XO.1's patented vote anonymisation engine Copperfield. This allows voters to anonymise votes in groups - just like at a paper ballot box. Only battle-hardened cryptography is used, ensuring every election is run without a hitch. Copperfield also enables our anti-coercion features; allowing voters to participate knowing their vote can't be taken away from them.


SecureVote is a fully decentralised voting protocol. After an electoral authority has called the election, closed the electoral roll, and announced the candidates no further action is required. Elections are fully autonomous, fully peer to peer, and have no central point of failure. Once cast, votes are locked into the immutable Bitcoin blockchain, and even though votes themselves are anonymised, it's possible to tell with certainty if a voter has already cast her ballot. With SecureVote, voter fraud is a thing of the past.


SecureVote uses only the highest standards of cryptography. Built on Bitcoin - the world's most resilient digital currency - we use the pinnacle of modern cryptography: SHA3, ed25519, and SHA256. Voter keys are generated and stored on their personal devices, with optional hardware security enhancements to ensure votes are uncorruptable.

Architecture Details

Democracy Everywhere

Corporate Governance
SecureVote allows shareholders, directors, and employees to connect with corporate decision making on a scale never before witnessed. SecureVote significantly reduces associated costs, while showcasing the participating company's innovative, and progressive agenda.
State Elections and Referenda
The days of doubt being cast upon election results are behind us. SecureVote's proprietary vote anonymising algorithm Copperfield allows SecureVote to quickly count millions of votes, without revealing a voter's identity. Its ease of access will radically increase democratic participation worldwide.
Local Governance
Community participation in governance is on the rise all over the world, and it's starting locally. SecureVote makes engaging local communities easier than ever. Our easy to use smartphone app brings down the barriers between people, and the decisions made in their communities.
Union Voting
Unions are enormous organisations who benefit from membership participation. Most unions adopt a representative democracy style system which often incur large time and resource overheads. SecureVote will provide union members with direct line to the decisions made by their organisations.
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